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X-Ray/Dental Staffing Techs of Arizona has over 20 years of experience in providing top-notch staffing services for dental practices and radiology facilities. Our skilled and certified employees are thoroughly screened and maintained, ensuring the highest quality of service for our clients. We handle advertising, interviewing, paperwork, and bookkeeping to make staffing hassle-free for our clients. We pride ourselves on being different from our competitors by providing personalized and tailored staffing solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

At X-Ray/Dental Staffing Techs of Arizona, we offer a variety of staffing solutions, including temporary, temp-to-perm, and direct hire placements. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge in the dental industry and is dedicated to finding the perfect match for each client. We understand the importance of having the right staff in place to ensure the success of your practice or facility.

About Us


We heard about X-Ray/Dental Staffing Techs Agency at an open house for a new dental office about 7 years ago. The first "temp" they sent was here for 2 years. The second "temp" has been here for about 4 years. Both temps were excellent employees, and the agency is a breeze to deal with.

We no longer have to worry about negotiating sick time, personal leave, holidays, continuing education, or paid vacations. We don't deal with clothing, mileage, or childcare allowances. The agency does all of those things. We no longer have to establish health care programs or retirement accounts for hygienists. We also don't have to do withholding taxes, quarterly unemployment, or quarterly worker's comp taxes. The agency is responsible for these things too.

And best of all, I no longer have to think about coming to work and hearing the hygienist say - "we need to talk."

Donald C Simpson, D.D.S., P.C.

As the operating room supervisor of a 5 room out patient surgery center, our x-ray needs are extremely variable. Therefore it is not in our budgetary interest to hire a full-time x-ray technician. We have utilized X-Ray/Dental Staffing techs to provide the intermittent services that we need. They are professional and skilled at every aspect of the services that they provide. Many times they have responded with very little notice. They work hard to provide us with experienced people that require little or no supervision. I would highly recommend X-Ray/Dental Staffing Techs of Arizona to anyone requiring these services.

Janet Scott RN, OR Supervisor, NWTSC

I have used X-Ray Dental / Dental Staffing Techs of AZ for the past 2 years. The service is outstanding, even in emergency situations they always come through. Efficient, courteous, and prompt best describe their service.

It has been a pleasure to work with them. Highly impressed with their services, and would recommend them to anyone.

Dr. O.S. Diggs, D.D.S., PLLC.

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Our Address

2122 N. Craycroft Rd, Suite 110
Tucson, AZ 85712

Office Hours

Monday – Friday  8AM-5PM
Saturday-Sunday - On Call
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Available 24/7 

7 days a week

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